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With our advice and support, you have a greater chance of achieving your business goals.


Tax matters

Company advice

Start-up support


The Bart Van den Bossche accountancy practice can organise and arrange your accounting.

We provide a customised service that is adapted to all our clients’ needs, which includes:

  • Arranging your accounting
  • Managing and advising about how your accounting has to be organised
  • Providing a review of your accounting
  • Preparing the annual accounts
  • Filing the annual accounts
  • Optimising your accounting
  • Preparing various reports for your company

Tax matters

The Bart Van den Bossche accountancy practice can help with various matters that include:

  • Income tax declarations
  • Income tax declarations for non-residents
  • Company tax declarations
  • Tax declarations for all types of legal entities (i.e. non-profit organisations)
  • VAT (BTW/TVA) tax declarations
  • Inheritance tax and estate planning matters

For personal and company tax declarations, we can:

  • Set-up, submit and optimise your tax declaration
  • Represent, and if needed defend, your file regarding any tax control
  • Make submissions and handle/follow-up any objections raised by the tax authorities
  • Prepare for fiscal proceedings before the courts
  • Offer all other types of related advice

Company advice

According to your business activities and needs, there could be matters to follow on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis.
Such following-up may result in a periodic discussion of your financial situation and we can guide your company as necessary.
To discuss your needs further, please contact us to arrange a meeting.

Start-up support

Whether you are starting-up your own company or starting-up on your own, our practice can help you. A good idea alone is not enough to start a good business. As well as the commercial side (and its feasibility), there are also many adminstrative matters to follow.

We can help you by:

  • Advising on the feasibility of the proposed business project or activity
  • Drafting the financial or business plan
  • Setting-out and explaining the different administrative conditions that must be fulfilled
  • Contacting the Belgian business registry (the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises)


Contact us to arrange a free first discussion.


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